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Contact: Patricia Finn: (800) PARAPUB

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The Author is Often not the Writer

If it is true, as has been said, that two of the largest segments of our society are made up of those who almost went to law school and those who plan to write a book someday, publication of Is There a Book Inside You? should come as good news to a great many people. Many knowledgeable people who are not skilled writers are breaking into print.

Poynter and Bingham are careful to distinguish between an author (the person with the information) and a writer (the person who commits that information to paper). To illustrate, Poynter asks: "You don’t really think Lee Iacocca had time to write his two best-selling books do you? All authors get help from editors and proofreaders. Some work with co-authors or even ghostwriters."

The authors, Dan Poynter and Mindy Bingham, offer numerous self-evaluation exercises to help would-be authors determine what kind of book to write, they provide a unique paint-by-the-numbers system for writing a book, and go on to describe several options for getting the book published. The book is illuminated with numerous encouraging success stories and their advice is backed-up with famous relevant quotations at the bottom of nearly every page. The authors offer numerous self-evaluation exercises to help would-be authors determine what kind of assistance they might need. Then they provide detailed information on finding, hiring, and working with different types of collaborators.

Fans of Poynter’s earlier book, The Self-Publishing Manual, will not be surprised to find this new volume delivers a great deal of well-researched information, clearly presented. With her background in self-development books and management, Mindy Bingham brings fresh ideas and an innovated approach to this topic found nowhere else in books on ‘how to write books’. Both Is There a Book Inside You? And The Self-Publishing Manual are Writer’s Digest Book Club selections.

Is There a Book Inside You? is available for $14.95 from Para Publishing, PO Box 8206-335, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206 USA. Tel: (805) 968-7277, email: Air shipping is $4.00, Californians add $1.16 sales tax.

Editor: this news release can be sent to you via e-mail or on disk to save you the retyping.. Just call us at (800) PARAPUB.

Is There a Book Inside You? by Dan Poynter & Mindy Bingham. All new, completely revised fifth edition, 5.5 x 8.5, 236 pages, four-color cover. 44,000 in print. ISBN 978-1-56860-046-8 $14.95. Para Publishing, PO Box 8206-335, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206, USA. Tel: (805) 968-7277, Fax: (805) 968-1379. Photographs of the book are available on request.


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